Price List

150 gram Package

150 gr. Package... $12.00

Our 150 gram Package is made with approximately 6 to 8 slices from the tapered-end of the fish. It is a perfect size as a picnic for two. 150 grams is also a good quantity for including in recipies.

250 gram Package

250 gr. Package... $24.00

Our 250 gram Package is made from approximately 12 and 14 slices from the section behind the gills of the fish. This package size is ideal for appetizers for four.

500 gram Package

500 gr. Package... $46.00

Our $500 gram Package is made from approximately 24 and 28 slices from the middle of the fish. This is half of a fillet. This package size is ideal for appetizers for up to eight people.

1 Kilo side

1 Kg side... $82.00

This is an entire salmon fillet, sliced and on-the-skin.  It makes a beautiful presentation on a platter and is cut into 55 to 60 slices. This is a very popular size for holidays and special occasions.

Bits and Pieces

250 gr. Bits & Pieces $12.00

Our Bits & Pieces Package contains 250 grams of trimmings from all over the fish. These pieces are often used in recipes and are every bit as tasty as our other packages.
Keep in mind that because these are a by-product of the slicing process, your best chance to get them is Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Also, because they are so popular availability is limited.


Kristapsons’ Salmon keeps refrigerated 5 to 7 days, but you can keep it frozen for up to 4 months.