Creamy Chive Rosettes on Cucumber

Our latest recipe as served at 2016 Toronto Taste.


The Best Way to Serve Kristapsons Smoked Salmon

Although the traditional way to serve smoked salmon is with cream cheese on rye or bagels, it is not best suited to Kristapsons' subtle flavour and succulent texture. This recipe best showcases our salmon.

Andris Grinbergs
Owner, Kristapsons Smoked Salmon

Fettuccine With Smoked Salmon

Penne With Smoked Salmon

This is a very quick and tasty recipe any guy can make! It's not rocket science but Andris' smoked salmon makes it seem like it's so much more. Very impressive!

R. Lopez


Best Smoked Salmon Mousse

"The best we’ve ever eaten!"  Makes party people very happy.  Makes about 2.5 cups

B. McMillan